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The Importance of Huggins CU Website

When I first joined the Board back in 2012, I began working on a website for the Credit Union. But somehow, after a couple of months, it never went anywhere and soon enough, the idea of the website was shelved.

I’m not sure who penned the phase “It’s all about timing”. But that phase came back to me at our strategic planning exercise last August. After all it was 12 years since the Credit Union had done its last strategic plan (Which saw the Credit Union moving into its own property at Roberts Street, Woodbrook).

At the strategic retreat held at Crews Inn in August 2016, the Board of Directors along with the Supervisory, Credit Committees and staff, were all challenged to take the Credit Union into the 21st century. For the ‘Better Business’ team - comprising of Kessa Gilbert, Melissa Marcano and myself: it presented us with the opportunity to increase our digital presence within the Credit Union environment.

The website designed was done with one key objective in mind; “Improving Communication with our members”. Its importance will also allow Huggins to benefit from:

  • Better customer service

  • Marketing our products and services in real time

  • Increasing engagement between members and the organisation

  • Reduced advertising and PR cost

  • Better understand its members

One should note, in today’s modern and technologically advanced world, it is difficult to consider offering our financial products or services from a business that lacks an online presence. Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Huggins website is a user-friendly website. Its branding is a PR tool that will change the way the organisation do business forever.

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