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We encourage our members to ‘build on their investment’. 

In a credit union, people pool their savings and lend to each other at a reasonable rate of interest.

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Huggins Credit Union is a full service Credit Union providing a range of financial products and services to its members. At Huggins Credit Union, we are natural in scope, democratic in structure and clear-cut in our policies. We promote equality of equal opportunities and social justice for all. 


To develop and maintain a prudently managed institution committed towards the improvement of the social and economic status of all our members irrespective of race, colour, class, creed, political or religious persuasion.

  • To educate our members along established Co-operative principles

  • To increase our membership

  • To achieve greater surplus levels

  • To always remain national in scope, democratic in structure and clear-cut in our policies

  • To be ever mindful of the everlasting fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of man

Virtue lies in the struggle,  not the prize!

Robin Samlalsingh


Virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize!

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