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Huggins Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited was registered as number 291 under the Co-operative Societies Act of Trinidad and Tobago Ch. 81:03 on March 1st, 1961 as G.F.H. Credit Union (Co-operative) Society Limited.

The foundation members of Huggins Credit Union were Vernon L. Barcant, Kelvin Pierre, Ian Jardine, Stuart Anton and Gene Govia. Our first president of the Credit Union was Vernon L. Barcant. His management team comprised of Ian Jardine; vice president, Stuart Anton; secretary, Gene Govia; treasurer, L. Vieira; member, H.F. Mendes; member, E.M. Massiah; member, G.H. Rostant; member, R. Stollmeyer; member, C.A. Sheppard; member, T. De Montburn; member and H. Pouchet; member.

In 1961, Huggins Credit Union started with a share capital of $60.00 and a membership of twelve (12) persons. Today, Huggins Credit Union share capital is over 36 million with a membership of over 1500 persons. Our investments to date amount to over 8 million dollars.


In 2003, Huggins Credit Union completed one of the most successful mergers in our country with Harriman’s employees Credit Union Society Ltd.


In 2004, Huggins Credit Union gained a national award for being the best performing Credit Union in Trinidad & Tobago.


Acquired our own property at 35, Roberts Street, Woodbrook in 2005


The Society operates in the capacity of a credit union for the benefit of its members. Its principal objectives are to improve the economic and social conditions of its members by promoting savings and providing loans to members for provident and productive purposes. At Huggins Credit Union, we are natural in scope, democratic in structure and clear-cut in our policies. We promote equality of equal opportunities and social justice for all. 



When you save $5.00 or more in Huggins Credit Union, you are actually ‘buying shares in the business’.  These shares provide capital from which loans for productive purposes are made available to members at a reduced rate of .75% on selected loans and no more than 1% rate on the other loans, per month of the reducing balance.

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Virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize!

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