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Mrs. Wilma Abbott-Romany

This Committee is a body comprising of three (3) members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The role & function of this committee is to examine in great detail all the financial records and reports of the credit union.

The committee should do so, at least quarterly, examine and audit the books of the credit union and present a report to the Board of Directors and members of the credit union at the annual general meeting. The supervisory committee can also suspend any member of the Board of Management or Committee based on the  Byelaws of the society. 

This committee serves for one {1} year until its successors have been duly elected. It should meet as often as necessary, a majority of at least two members are required in order to have a quorum, knowledge of accounts will be an asset to this committee.

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Ms. Shalleen Wiltshire

Mrs. Sarah Durrant

Commitee Chairperson

Mr. Derrick Murray

Ms. Kefira Mc Lean

This Committee comprised five members elected at the annual general meeting of which three (3) members form a quorum for a meeting.

This important committee is entrusted with the purpose, hopes, and personal dignity of each member of the society who applies for a loan.

Its primary objective is to assist members in solving their financial problems, without violating the guidelines of the loan policy.

It is the responsibility of this committee to make wise & unbiased decisions with respect to all loan applications, this will no doubt, safeguard the funds of our credit union.


Ms Ayanna Antoine


Mrs Gail-Ann Brathwaite

Commitee Chairperson

Mr Glen Narine

Book Keeper

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