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Huggins Credit Union strives to be compliant with the Financial Obligation Regulations 2010, the guidelines provided by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago and our own internal policies and procedures. We are required by law to obtain the following information from all persons applying for membership to the credit union:


  • Completed Membership Form 

  • 2 forms of valid Picture Identification (National Identification, Driver’s Permit, Passport).

    • If a person does not have a second form of Identification, tick & sign on page 2, that you do not possess another form of Picture Identification; a Birth Certificate will be accepted ONLY in this instance. 

  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill in your name not older than 3 months). 

    • If proof of address is not in your name, then a copy of identification of the person whose name appears on the proof of address and a letter from them confirming the length of time you have resided there. 

    • If renting kindly include: Copy of Identification from Landlord, letter from the Landlord stating you are a legal tenant and/or a copy of the Lease Agreement. 

  • For Non-Residents of Trinidad and Tobago (items above plus): 

    • A Character Reference Letter from Foreign Financial Institution (This must be an original letter addressed to Huggins Credit Union. 

Minors (Under 14 Years) 

  • Membership Form 

  • 2 forms of valid Picture Identification (National Identification, Driver’s Permit, Passport) for Parent 

  • Birth Certificate of Child 

  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill not older than 3 months) for Parent 


Additional requirements 

  • Passport-sized photo 

  • Job letter not more than 3 months old and a most recent payslip 

  • $10.00 (representing $5.00 membership fee and $5.00 for the purchase of 1 share upon approval) 


Please be advised that missing documents will result in the delayed processing of your application.


Virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize!

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